Henning Morales is widely considered a premiere motivational speaker and thought leader.

His passion in providing motivation, guidance, coaching and mentorship to young people to enable them to lead happy and productive lives has become his life’s purpose.

Henning’s inspiration stems from his personal experience when, as a confused seventeen-year-old troublemaker, he met some high powered motivational masters who opened him up to age-old principles of success and happiness. Although Henning is involved in multiple projects including writing books, public speaking, event production and films, they all have one central theme: the direct coaching of ‘kids’ and the parents, aunts, uncles, coaches, teachers and other kids who influence them. He defines kids as young people (people just getting out of school) or people of any age who are young at heart.

“The Now… Live now! There is only now. Don’t put off living. Today is filled with infinite now moments. Start where you are by appreciating everything around you and doing what you can to ENJOY IT!.” Henning Morales


Producer of cutting edge inspirational television?
Groundbreaking tech CEO? Media mogul? Conscious capitalist?
Master connecter? Bestselling author? Motivational Master?
We say simply; ‘The Tony Robbins of Hollywood’

By Jeannie Jones

When Henning Morales, CEO and co-founder of eWorld Companies, Inc., a publicly traded company, stock symbol EWRC, started his business in 2006, he knew that personal development and motivation and collaboration with powerful people who share ideas and concepts to empower others was going to be the foundation of his success.

Within a decade, eWorld has morphed into an elaborate, vertically integrated media empire which Morales describes as a “space to empower through original TV programming” and an “exclusive entertainment events series where members have access to network, mastermind and engage with icons at prestigious venues.” Since his tender teenage years, Henning Morales had the enormous vision to create an organization dedicated to delivering the absolute best motivational, inspirational, empowering and positive elements to the business world and eventually through the entertainment industry. The media distribution engine and advertising network that Henning Morales and his team have developed is absolutely state of the art.

The movement started with the Boomerang Media Station, a breakthrough video app. eWorld also launched THE Xperience Inc., a producer of luxury and exclusive entertainment industry events. It is at these events where eWorld creates and produces content for its Boomerang Media Station app. Since launching in 2006, eWorld and THE Xperience have produced more than 400 events at prestigious locations such as first-class clubs and private mansions, hotels including the W Hollywood, the Ritz Carlton Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Hotel and the Palms and the Bellagio in Las Vegas, plus CBS Studios and Hollywood Center Studios. eWorld’s flagship event – the eWorld Music Awards, has featured Grammy winning Tom Trbovich (held at SIR Studios Hollywood), Jason Derulo (held at the Conga Room, Los Angeles), and Nick Cannon (held at Paramount Studios, Hollywood. eWorld supports numerous nonprofit organizations by providing web content, tech services and mass media exposure. Through eWorld’s base of more than 100 sponsors, and numerous associated nonprofit organizations, eWorld also produces an annual three-day expo event called the Ascent Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This 144,000 sq. ft. expo attracted over 200 exhibitors and sponsors and 100+ speakers including Frank Shankwitz (founder of the Make A Wish Foundation), Greg Reid (Napoleon Hill Foundation), Brian Smith (founder of Ugg Boots), Michael Beckwith and Patch Adams and 100 music performers including multiple Grammy winners. This collaboration between Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc, and Ash Tabibnia, founder of Higher Connections Network, is also part of Morales’ vision to implement a $1 million marketing campaign to accomplish the goal of achieving one million Boomerang app downloads by the end of 2016. Morales and his team believe that the income derived will create an extremely profitable company and successful stock performance. “With the combination of white label Boomerang apps, new content being added weekly, Xperience events, our three­-day Ascent Expo mega event, and the power of an army of inspirational masters, we can achieve our goal of one million Boomerang downloads and a substantial valuation.

Through the power of the Ascent Expo base Morales and Tabibnia spearheaded The HigherXperience, a conscious lifestyle membership in which members enjoy unprecedented access to networking during the filming of a weekly Hollywood CEO television show (in collaboration with Imagination TV). These ‘happenings’ engage members and guests in a unique social/business atmosphere that has quickly become the “it place to be on Wednesdays” for the elite and progressive in business and entertainment. Once a month during his ‘Thought Leaders Showcase’ gatherings, Morales and his team also invite guests to showcases and motivational sessions with powerful speakers such as Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid, Michelle Patterson and countless others. All events are filmed and original programming is showcased in a members only section of Boomerang and on Imagination TV to audiences on Time Warner, Direct TV, Dish Network and Comcast. Morales says, “I believe that we have a real opportunity to create the most comprehensive library of professionally post produced, broadcast quality inspirational and empowerment oriented TV programming in the world.”

Henning Morales’ formula for success is simple: create an environment where
people are having fun and encouraged to help each other with their goals and watch
magic happen. This gives you a better understanding why he is known as the
Tony Robbins of Hollywood.

Henning Morales is also a dynamic and powerful public speaker and author sharing his success philosophies at every opportunity. He has published his first novel this year, ‘The Dirt Merchants,’ an inspirational epic geared towards young adults. Only five days after the Kindle version went live, ‘The Dirt Merchants’ became an Amazon Bestseller. He plans on publishing two more books this year, one a book on sales mastery and the other a follow up novel to ‘The Dirt Merchants.’ He is dedicated to counterbalancing the negative messages bombarding us on a daily basis with positivity focusing on success training and positive psychology. He is fanatical about giving people, especially young people, the tools and solid philosophical base they need to live happy, successful and productive lives. For more than 20 years he has taught on a wide array of areas to his staff, sales force and in underprivileged communities in the United States and abroad to create multi-million dollar enterprises and projects. It’s clear to see that Henning Morales has a super passion for personal development, especially at home. As a single dad he enjoys spending time with his four “super kids.” He is overwhelmingly proud that they are model citizens, honors students, wise and considerate well beyond their years and conscious and deliberate in the pursuit of their individual happiness. Henning Morales’ formula for success is simple. Create an environment where people are having fun and encouraged to help each other and watch magic happen. Through multiple projects and years of delivering the goods, now you have a better understanding why this technology, marketing and inspiration spreading wizard is being called the Tony Robbins of Hollywood.

Hollywood Weekly May 2015. Republished with permission.